Trimbach Estate

Welcome to the TRIMBACH Estate in Ribeauvillé

Maison Trimbach - Grands Vins d'Alsace depuis 1626


13 Générations Famille Trimbach

Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

The viticultural origin of the Trimbach Family dates back to 1626. For almost four centuries, the Trimbach Family has been promoting Alsace and its History, its exceptional terroirs and fine wines. Today, the family vineyard is led by Hubert Trimbach, nephews Jean and Pierre, and his daughter Anne, the eldest of the 13th generation. Much enthusiasm and great ambitions that perpetuate tradition, the requirement and the know-how to bring wines to perfection. The undisputed masters of that “style Trimbach” a world reference among the Alsace Wine…


Bouteille Vin d'Alsace Riesling Trimbach

La Maison F.E. Trimbach sera fermée du 1er au 25 Août 2014.

Vous pouvez nous joindre par email via le formulaire de contact, mais aussi sur notre page Facebook « Maison Trimbach », ou encore twitter @trimbach.

Pour venir déguster nos vins sur place pendant les mois de juin et juillet, nous vous recommandons vivement de prendre un rendez-vous.

F.E. Trimbach Estate will be closed from 1st to 25th of August 2014.

You can reach us via the form on our website, but also on our Facebook page “Maison Trimbach”, or on twitter @trimbach.

To taste our wines at the tasting room in June and July, we kindly advice you to book a tasting.