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Our team

Passionate people devoted to making the finest wine

Trimbach's know-how is based on ancient traditions, values and passionate and competent people, who work every day to ensure that you discover our values in your glass of wine.

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Pierre Trimbach

12th generation

Winemaker and technical director of the estate since 1979, Pierre has been voted one of the best white wine winemakers in the world. Unparalleled expertise, mastery, he is often nicknamed the "purist" of Alsace, as his wines are balanced and ... pure!

Jean Trimbach

Brother of Pierre, 12th generation

Sales and export director since 1985, Jean is the Trimbach Ambassador par excellence. He travels around the world to carry the Trimbach message, educate and please our customers, friends, and ambassadors in the field. USA, Asia, the Netherlands, and wherever it is needed.

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Anne Trimbach

Eldest daughter of Pierre, 13th generation 

Anne arrived at the estate in 2008, she also travels mainly for export, and wherever needs arise. You can see her in the USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc...

Frederique Trimbach

Daughter of Pierre, 13th generation 

At the estate since 2016, Frédérique manages graphic part, labels and raw material purchases.


Pauline Trimbach

Eldest daughter of Jean, 13th generation

Recently arrived in 2021, Pauline takes over the wine sales in France, following the great François Wilhelm. You will also see her in Belgium or Luxembourg.

Julien Trimbach

Son of Jean, 13th generation

Julien arrived at the estate in 2014. After working for a few years in the vineyards, he is slowly taking over the technical part of the estate in the cellar alongside his uncle Pierre and his cellar right arm, Anne-Catherine.

Our team

In the vineyards, on the tractors, in our offices, at the bottling line, in the cellar, in the trucks, at the preparation of orders, at the press local ...

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