Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

The Trimbach Family, four centuries of excellence

The wine-growing history of Maison Trimbach dates back to 1626.

Since then, twelve generations of winemakers have tirelessly drawn on their passion for Alsace wines, ensuring the wines they produce stand out for their quality and authenticity, patiently establishing, from father to son, a solid reputation for excellence.

Trimbach wine acquired true international acclaim in 1898 when Frédéric Emile Trimbach received the highest distinction at the International Wine Fair in Brussels.

This success is due in no small part to the jewel in the estate’s crown, the «Clos Sainte Hune» vineyard.

Today, the family vineyard is run by Hubert Trimbach, his nephews Jean and Pierre, and  Pierre’s daughter Anne, the oldest member of the 13th generation. Their enthusiasm and ambition keep the family’s tradition, rigor and know-how alive, bringing their wines to the very peak of perfection.

Pierre has been in charge of the « technical side » and vinifications when Jean and Anne are traveling all around the world. Julien, Jean’s son, just joined the Family to work closely with Pierre in the cellar.

This unrivaled expertise makes the “Trimbach style” a reference for Alsace wines across the world.


Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

Generous nature and a shared passion for Alsace wines

Two turrets overlooked by the surrounding vines, a few meters from the heart of Ribeauvillé, pinpoint the F.E. Trimbach estate.

Situated on the Wine Route, between the vineyards and the mountains, this pretty village, boasting a rich historical heritage, asserts itself as the center of Alsace winegrowing and cuisine.

Sheltered by the Vosges Mountains and exposed to maximum sunshine, the Ribeauvillé fault line offers a rich mosaic of soils (limestone, sandstone, marl, clay, etc.).

These natural assets provide the perfect conditions for an array of aromatic grape varieties.

While the Trimbach family extols the virtues of all Alsace grape varieties, their true passion lies with Riesling as its unequalled fruitiness, finesse, elegance and pedigree make it the finest white wine in the world!


Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

The 40 hectares that make up the Trimbach estate stretch over more than 50 parcels and 6 villages, including Bergheim, Ribeauvillé and Hunawihr.

The Trimbach estate strives to produce high quality wines by using integrated, sustainable winegrowing practices. This is demonstrated with the winery’s focus on preserving nature; close pruning, innovative techniques for maintaining healthy vines, tilling the soils, producing moderate yields, and meticulous selection of the grapes used in each wine.

This rigor, applied to the property’s own vines, is also applied when the Trimbachs purchase grapes from growers loyal to the estate. This is one of the many tasks carefully overseen by Pierre.


Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

In the cellar, precision and sensitivity set the tone

On the Trimbach estate, the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand. They are then delicately pressed before gravity gently carries the juice to the cellar. It is here where the meticulous work of Pierre Trimbach (12th generation) begins as he vinifies and matures his wines with precision and finesse, constantly mindful of conserving the purity of the particular grape variety and the soul of the unique terroir.

Old wooden casks are used alongside stainless steel tanks, a harmonious example of tradition and modernity working together in the winery.

Trimbach wines are bottled in the spring following the harvest to ensure freshness and fruitiness are exemplified in each of the wines.

Pierre’s thirtieth vintage in 2009 is a testament par excellence to his tireless dedication to viticulture and oenology.


Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

The “Trimbach style”, tailor-made for gastronomy

Pierre Trimbach’s art is one of ensuring balance, as demonstrated by his innate ability to control his wines’ acidity while retaining the “tension” which holds them together over time.

This style is highly acclaimed by lovers of dry and elegant wines who recognize purity, the character of each grape variety, the nuances of the vintage and the authenticity of the terroirs… a particular characteristic which proudly enhances the most audacious gourmet experiences.

After being bottled in spring, the wines are released on the market according to their maturity. Some will not leave the cellars until they have spent five or seven years patiently maturing in the bottle…the time needed to achieve this highly-coveted, perfect balance.

Passion for Alsace wines since 1626…

… Served at the world’s finest tables

After the first steps onto the European stage at the end of the 19th century, from the 1960s Hubert Trimbach ensured that the renown of his wines was developed and extended even further afield.

Today the Estate exports more than 85% of its wines, wines which are much sought after by connoisseurs of dry wines across the whole world. The Trimbach signature enjoys a highly coveted place on an array of prestigious wine lists at the finest gastronomic restaurants in Alsace, France, Europe and on all five continents.

The sommeliers who place their trust in the family’s wines are fully aware of the estate’s secret – the rare balance between fruitiness, acidity and minerality which can guarantee the successful pairing of food with wines. The range created at the estate gives rise to a host of possible gourmet alliances. From traditional Alsace cuisine to French, Asian or Oriental gastronomy, the wines of Pierre Trimbach are the perfect solution in the search for the ideal matching of food and wine.

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