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Cellar side

It is at harvest time that the work of the cellar begins at Maison Trimbach in Ribeauvillé. 

Each day, when the grapes are received, each vat is thoroughly inspected before it goes into the pressing cellar. Weighings and readings of potential alcohol are carried out by Pierre and Julien Trimbach. Not a single vat enters the press room without having been checked by them.


All the white grape varieties are crushed. Our 4 pneumatic presses then ensure gentle pressing to extract the best of the Alsatian terroir. They will run throughout the harvest, i.e. an average of 4 weeks.

The juices descend by gravity into our cellar located just below the estate.


We carefully decant all of our juices using centrifugal force.


Then each plot is vinified separately (except for our classic Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Gewurztraminer).


The juices are then placed in thermo-regulated vats in order to start their alcoholic fermentation.

No malolactic fermentation is carried out, except for Pinot Noir.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is complete, we carry out an aging on the fermentation lees for several weeks. The time of this aging is determined solely by the tasting of our wines. Depending on this tasting, we then decide whether or not to extract them.

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Our Alsace wines are then aged on fine lees for several months. The aging time is tailor-made according to the needs of each of our wines. We carry out tangential filtration with ceramic filters in order to guarantee the future of our wines and their optimal aging in the bottle.

In the cellar, seriousness and rigor set the tone. Old casks and stainless steel vats follow one another: tradition and modernity go hand in hand with efficiency and precision.


The key words are: balance, purity, consistency and minerality. The objective is to bring out the terroir in each of our Alsace wines.


Bottling begins in the spring following the harvest and continues until the end of July, or even the beginning of September, depending on the vintage.


Then it's time for the new vintage in a clean and empty cellar !

NB : our wines do not undergo cold stabilization. There are sometimes tartrates crystals / sediments in some of them. It is natural and harmless.

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