Our Classic Range

Our Classic Range


Mainly from rigorously selected grapes from Ribeauvillé and around, these wines represent the traditional and dry Alsace white wines.



A light wine with a seductive, fresh and distinctive fruitiness.

Pair with : quiches, onion tart, shellfish, grilled fish, cold meats, traditional Alsace sauerkraut…

At the tasting local, you can find the 2015 vintage.

Ageing Potential : Approximately 5 years.


Pinot Blanc

A wine for pure pleasure ! Maturing early, it is dry, well-balanced, supple and refreshing. Pinot Blanc is ideal for serving as an aperitif, at formal dinners, receptions or light meals.

Pair with : Pinot Blanc is best served with shellfish, cold meats,  tartes flambées, pies and other light appetizers.

Tasting local: 2015 vintage is available

Ageing Potential : Minimum 5 years.



“One of the world’s finest grape varieties ! ”

Riesling is the most emblematic of Alsace grape varieties.

Its delicate bouquet, the fine balance between its dry personality, its distinguished fruitiness and its natural vitality contribute to its exceptional richness.

As the house style dictates, it is vinified dry

Pair with : Riesling can be enjoyed throughout the meal, also with Alsace specialties, shellfish, seafood, quality fish, sushi/sashimi, white meats in white wine sauces or spices, pork dishes and refined spicy or Asian dishes

Current vintage : 2013 (Soon 2014)

Ageing Potential :  Around 5 years



The fruitiest and the spiciest of the varietals – a unique wine.

It is in Alsace that this grape variety reaches the height of perfection.

Its dry personality makes it ideal as an aperitif and it pairs extremely well with specialty cuisine with pronounced flavors.

Pair with : Gewurztraminer is a fine accompaniment for fish or seasoned meats, spicy and exotic dishes, soft cheeses (such as the famous Munster), and a plethora of desserts.

Current vintage : 2014

Ageing Potential :  Minimum 5 years