The Classics

Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Sylvaner …

From rigorously selected grapes from Ribeauvillé and surrounding villages, these wines represent the traditional and dry style of Alsace white wines.


“One of the world’s finest grape varieties!”

Riesling is the most emblematic of Alsace grape varieties.

Its delicate bouquet, the fine balance between its dry personality, its distinguished fruitiness and its natural vitality contribute to its exceptional richness.

As the house style dictates, it is vinified dry.

Riesling can be enjoyed throughout the meal, and also with Alsace specialties, shellfish, seafood, quality fish, sushi/sashimi, white meats in white wine sauces or spices, pork dishes and refined spicy or Asian dishes.

Ageing potential: between 3 and 5 years

Pinot Blanc

A wine for pure pleasure! Maturing early, it is dry, well-balanced, supple and refreshing. Pinot Blanc is ideal for serving as an aperitif, at formal dinners, receptions or light meals.

Pinot Blanc is best served with shellfish, cold meats,  tartes flambées, pies and other light appetizers.


The fruitiest and the spiciest of the varietals – a unique wine.

It is in Alsace that this grape variety reaches the height of perfection.

Its dry personality makes it ideal as an aperitif and it pairs extremely well with specialty cuisine with pronounced flavors. Gewurztraminer is a fine accompaniment for fish or seasoned meats, spicy and exotic dishes, soft cheeses (such as the famous Munster), and a plethora of desserts.


A light wine with a seductive, fresh and distinctive fruitiness.

Produced from a parcel of old vines from Ribeauvillé.

Pair with: quiches, onion tart, shellfish, grilled fish, cold meats, traditional Alsace sauerkraut…

“Réserve” Wines

Riesling Réserve, Pinot Gris Réserve, Gewurztraminer Réserve, Muscat Réserve and Pinot Noir Réserve and Cuve 7 …

The “Réserve” quality is the result of a rigorous selection of fully-ripe grapes from the Ribeauvillé region. It defines a structured, balanced wine, which is both fruity and subtle.

Riesling «Réserve»

The “Réserve” quality is the result of a rigorous selection of fully-ripe grapes from the Ribeauvillé region. It defines a structured, balanced wine, which is both fruity and subtle.

This elegant Riesling, dry and precise, is a worthy accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

It pairs well with sauerkraut, fish (fried, grilled, smoked, in a sauce, raw…), and white meats.

Ageing potential: The best vintages can be kept for ten years.

Pinot-Gris «Réserve»

One of the most remarkable of Alsace grape varieties which combines a full-bodied, heady but dry fruitiness. Its generous personality and its hint of smokiness make it the perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of gastronomic dishes.

Pair with: terrines, fish in sauce, smoked or raw, white meats, veal sweetbreads, mushrooms, well-seasoned and aromatic dishes, Asian cuisine…

Muscat «Réserve»

A dry wine, with pronounced fruitiness and a characteristic bouquet of fresh grapes.

Drink as an aperitif or with asparagus, spring vegetables, melon, artichoke, onion tart, smoked fish…

Gewurztraminer «Réserve»

This wine, the result of rigorous grape selection, is only produced in the best years and improves with age.

The Réserve Gewurztraminer’s spiciness makes it a perfect match for spicy dishes, oriental or Asian cuisine, strong cheeses, and fruit-based desserts.

Pierre Trimbach produces two Pinot-Noirs, neither of which are matured in barrel, to ensure the grapes’ fruitiness is preserved.

Pinot-Noir «Réserve»

The “Réserve” Pinot-Noir develops red fruit aromas and is supple, fruity and fresh on the palate.
Pair with: meats, smoked meats, pork, poultry, some cheeses…

Pinot-Noir «Réserve» Cuve 7

The “Réserve” “Cuve 7” Pinot Noir owes its name to the number of the tank in which it was first produced. It comes from the best terroirs, notably from the Rotenberg vineyard in Ribeauvillé and is only produced in the very best years.

More complete and structured, this exceptional Pinot-Noir is expressed through fabulous aromas of red fruits, redcurrants and blackberries.

Pair with: pork, red meats, duck, heartystews, some cheeses…

The “Réserve Personnelle” range

“Cuvée Frédéric Emile” Riesling, “Réserve Personnelle” Pinot Gris, “Cuvée Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre” Gewurztraminer.

Our best vineyards.

Riesling “Cuvée Frédéric Emile”

The south and south-east facing Ribeauvillé terroirs and Grand Crus of Geisberg and Osterberg which overlook the winery have been producing this wine for several generations.

Not mentioning the Grand Cru on the label was our choice back in the 70’s.

Today, CFE is considered a benchmark of Grand Crus Riesling even though the labels does not say the names of the vineyards. It is our Signature wine.

The average age of the vines, 45 years, results in limited yields. The marl-limestone-sandstone and fossil-flecked Muschelkalk composition of the terroir, as well as the beautifully ripe grapes selected and harvested at the end of October lend this wine a remarkable personality: a dry and powerful Riesling, underlined by a mineral note and firm ripe acidity.

This wine is named for Frédéric Emile who became famous for providing a new guarantee of quality and authenticity for Trimbach in 1898.

The prestigious signature wine of the house, the “Cuvée Frédéric Emile” is highly prized by connoisseurs and collectors.

Pair with: gourmet foods, quality fish, caviar, and fine white meats.

Ageing potential: the great “Cuvée Frédéric Emile” vintages age for twenty years and longer.

Pinot-Gris “Réserve Personnelle”

In exceptional years, a selection of the best parcels (including Grand Cru Osterberg) produces a wine of great maturity, opulence with succulent fruit. The long development of the wine is synonymous with its long ageing potential, 10 years and more.

This highly complex, broad and voluptuous wine, retains its structure thanks to its vitality.

Pair with: foie gras, lobster in sauce, poultry, white meat, and truffle dishes.

Gewurztraminer “Cuvée des Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre”

The predominately “Keuper” marl-limestone soils on which it is produced lend this rare wine a full and powerful style.

Produced from old vines from the former wine estate of the Lords of Ribeaupierre, the grapes are selected and harvested at the peak of their ripeness. It is a wine with flowery and spicy aromas and a dry personality, and yet so rich and so fruity that it almost hints at sweetness … a mere illusion.

In youth, the roundness and viscosity can mask its typical dryness as well as the underlying finesse which is the Trimbach trademark.

This Gewurztraminer is only produced in the very best vintages and it can be cellared for ageing for up to 20 years.

Pair with: foie gras, spicy and aromatic dishes, cheeses and fresh fruit-based desserts.

Prestige and Collection wines

Rare and limited wines.

Le Riesling «Clos Ste Hune»

This exceptional wine is a product of the terroir in the “Rosacker” vineyard, located in the village of Hunawihr. This parcel of land, which stretches over 1.67 hectares, has been in the Trimbach family for more than two hundred years.

The south, south-east facing vines are on average  50 years old and lie on a predominantly limestone subsoil. These factors give this Riesling a unique flavor of remarkable fruit concentration,   enhanced by a refined hint of minerality on the finish. After a few years of ageing, the typical characteristics of the “Clos Sainte Hune” terroir vibrantly shine through the glass.

The small annual production of 8,000 bottles on average, makes this wine an extremely rare treasure, much sought after by Riesling lovers and collectors across the globe.

Trimbach’s “Clos Sainte Hune” wine has an exceptional ageing potential as it can age seven to ten years after bottling without even reaching its peak.


“Minerality is the Dominating Sensation”

Serge Dubs, World’s Best Sommelier 1989

“If there is one Riesling in the world which every wine lover dreams of tasting and savoring, it is “Clos Sainte Hune“.

A high-quality dry wine, distinguished, refined, elegant, with beautifully ripe fruit and a pronounced minerality which lend it its unique temperament. It has its own signature and is sublime in great vintages. It is a wine which inspires dreams thanks to its harmony and its exceptional capacity to age.”

“Vendanges Tardives” – Late Harvest – Wines

Reserved for the four noble grape varieties; Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling or Muscat grapes, picked when over-ripe a few weeks after the official start of harvest. The grapes, generally affected by noble rot, are selected from only the best vineyards and only in exceptional years.

The “Vendanges Tardives” wines retain natural residual sugar which is in perfect balance with their delightful freshness. These wines are wonderfully intense and have an exceptional finish.

They are particularly well suited for foie gras, very rich, creamy dishes, blue cheeses, washed-rind cheeses and velvety desserts.

– The “Vendanges Tardives” Gewurztraminer, very fruity and charming, boasts a delightful purity. It is often served by the glass due to its delicious freshness and its harmonious balance.

– The “Cuvée Frédéric Emile” “Vendanges Tardives” Riesling, much rarer, is the treasure which all Riesling lovers dream of having in their cellars.

“Sélection de Grains Nobles” Wines

The even rarer “Sélection de Grains Nobles” (selection of noble berries), results from the selective picking of each grape which has been shriveled by noble rot. This harvest is only conducted in perfect weather conditions.

Thanks to botrytis these exceptionally luscious wines boast a unique aromatic complexity and offer a surprising ageing potential.

The Riesling, but more often the Pinot Gris and the Gewurztraminer “Sélection de Grains Nobles” are produced in very small quantities and only in the very best years.

The “Sélection de Grains Nobles“ Gewurztraminer is without a doubt an exceptionally food-friendly wine – it evokes the flavors of mirabelle plum tart, ripe pear and quince, honey and fig, while remaining perfectly balanced thanks to the natural acidity which is a result of noble rot.

Pair with: opulent and complex dishes, foie gras, and decadent desserts.

Grands Crus Collection

A new Collection of Grand Crus Rieslings…

Riesling Grand Cru GEISBERG

We have been leasing the Vineyards of the Convent of Ribeauvillé for several years now. In 2009, we have produced our rst Grand Cru Geisberg. 2011 is the second vintage to be released.

Pierre Trimbach and his team have been working the Grand Cru Geisberg behind the domaine for years, this one being assembled with GC Osterberg into the famous Frédéric Émile. Their knowledge of this terroir has enabled them to produce a great wine on these 2,66 ha from the Convent.

The Geisberg is a jewel of Alsace. Located in between two other Grands Crus on Ribeauvillé’s fault line, the limestone and sandstone subsoil, the old vines, the exposure to the sun and the small steep terrasses make it a very unique and complex terroir of only 8,5 ha total.

The wine is intense and has a great energy. A gastronomie wine able to age between 10 to 30 years in the top vintages.

It is the rst wine from a Grand Cru named after its terroir, following the wish of the Nuns of Ribeauvillé’s Convent and the new local GC Legislation from 2011 onwards, which is now well de ned by a very precise chart managing the yields (55hl/ha max), the minimum potential alcohol at picking being 11,5°, chaptalisation being forbidden, etc…

A very limited, almost confidential production…

Vintages produced and released : 2009 and 2011 (update June 2017)

Riesling Grand Cru SCHLOSSBERG

In 2012, our Family bought 2 ha of the well reputed Grand Cru Schlossberg. The rst vintage produced is 2014, an excellent vintage for pure and crystalline rieslings.

It’s the beginning of a collection of Grands Crus Rieslings at Trimbach, next to our jewels, Frédéric Emile and Clos Ste Hune.

Grand Cru Schlossberg has a granitic terroir : granite from Thannenkirch above Ribeauvillé and granite migmatite from Kaysersberg.

Planted in horizontal terrasses, south facing, located next to the castle, just under the forest, the vineyard bene ts from a cooler microcosm.

This riesling is delicate, dry, precise and able to age for at least 10 years.

A very limited, almost confidential production…

Vintages produced and released : 2014 (update June 2017)