Trimbach 2008 Vintage

We’ve started to bottle 2008 vintage last week. It seems to be the good moment to present this vintage !

mise en bouteille vins alsace

2008, a remake of 2007 ?

As we all know by now, 2007 in Alsace was probably France’s best success !
We are tempted to say that 2008 is a remake of 2007.

As far as the spring climate is concerned it seems that the 2008 vine cycle was back to a classic cycle. Humidity and a cold winter followed by a classic humid and cold month of April delayed the entire cycle.
As a result bud burst only started at the end of April almost 10 days later than usual.
May which was quiet hot caught up with tardiness. Flowering took place around mid-June. But the flowering was spread over 15 days throughout the region and one could already witness differences between sub-regions, some of which were ahead and some late.

Muscat was the most difficult at flowering and saw some « coulure » ; production will be very small this year.
The summer was humid and warm with no excesses in temperatures which preserved the aromas and the acidities.
The first rainy days in September made the gowers very anxious. But then sun and cool windy mornings took place which left the grapes in very healthy conditions.
Once again yields and time of picking will be crucial this year.

Officially, the harvest started on September 25th for our AOC and AOC Grand Cru.
For our Vendanges Tardives and Sélection de Grains Nobles the opening date was October 9th.
We started on September 29th and ended on November 6th, which made one of our longest harvest ever !
October was a fantastic month with no rain and some sunny warm afternoons which enabled us to delay the picking if necessary and ensured that all our grapes remained sound and very healthy.

As a result, our Pinot Gris were picked between 12.9% and 14.1% potential alcohol, our Gewurztraminer bewteen 13.5 and 14% potential alcohol, our Pinot Blanc around 11.5% and 12% potential alcohol and the Riesling between 11.6 and 12,5%.
Some superb Vendanges Tardives and Selection de Grains Nobles were produced as well.

Yields overall were quite small, smaller than in 2007, very little juice came out of the press !

2008 could remind us of 2007 or 2001 (two great vintages in Alsace), with more acidity, perhaps comparable to some of the wines in 1996.

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