Maison Trimbach is releasing a new great wine !

RIESLING 2009 GRAND CRU GEISBERG – Vignoble du Couvent de Ribeauvillé

After 5 years of bottle ageing in the cellar, Maison Trimbach is releasing its first vintage of Grand Cru Geisberg: 2009.

We have been leasing the Vineyards of the Convent of Ribeauvillé for several years now. In 2009, we have produced our first Grand Cru Geisberg.

Pierre Trimbach and his team have been working the Grand Cru Geisberg behind the domaine for years, this one being assembled wit GC Osterberg into the famous Frederic Emile. Their knowledge of this terroir has enabled them to produce a great wine on these 2,66 Ha from the Convent.

The Geisberg is a jewel of Alsace. Located in between two other Grands Crus on Ribeauvillé’s fault line, the limestone and sandstone subsoil, the old vines, the exposure to the sun and the small steep terrasses make it a very unique and complex terroir of only 8,5 Ha total.

The wine is intense and has a great energy. A gastronomie wine able to age between 10 to 30 years in the top vintages.

It is the first wine from a Grand Cru named after its terroir, following the wish of the Nuns of Ribeauvillé’s Convent and the new local GC Legislation from 2011 onwards, which is now well defined by a very precise chart managing the yields (55hl/ha max), the minimum potential alcohol at picking being 11,5°, chaptalisation being forbidden, etc.

We are very proud to introduce you this GC Geisberg 2009, unfortunately produced in limited volume, almost confidential…

For more information, please contact us directly. Due to the very small production, we are unfortunately not able to allocate this wine to all our customers.

The Trimbach Family

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