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Maison Trimbach Ribeauvillé


For almost four centuries, the Trimbach Family has been promoting Alsace and its History, its exceptional terroirs and fine wines. Maison Trimbach is still located in Ribeauvillé and still owned by the two grandsons of Frédéric Théodore, Bernard and Hubert, since their father’s untimely death in 1945.

Trimbach wine acquired true international acclaim in 1898 when Frédéric Emile Trimbach received the highest distinction at the International Wine Fair in Brussels.

13 Générations Famille Trimbach

Pierre and Jean, Bernard’s sons, the 12th generation, have joined the Firm in 1979 for Pierre and 1985 for Jean to work on the vinification for the first one and on the promotion of the wines for the second one.