Our Reserve Range

Our “Reserve” Range


The Reserve quality is made from grapes selected in mostly old vineyards from Ribeauvillé and around and produces more complex wines destined for a longer laying down.


Muscat « Réserve »

A dry wine, with pronounced fruitiness and a characteristic bouquet of fresh grapes.

Drink as an aperitif or with asparagus, spring vegetables, melon, artichoke, onion tart, smoked fish…

Availability : At the tasting room, 2014 Muscat Reserve is available.

Wine ageing : 5 to 10 years


Riesling « Réserve »

The “Réserve” quality is the result of a rigorous selection of fully-ripe grapes from the Ribeauvillé region. It defines a structured, balanced wine, which is both fruity and subtle.

This elegant Riesling, dry and precise, is a worthy accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

It pairs well with sauerkraut, fish (fried, grilled, smoked, in a sauce, raw…), and white meats.

Ageing potential : More than 5 years, best vintages can be kept for 10 years.

Availability : Come and taste the current 2013 vintage (Soon 2014).


Pinot Gris « Réserve »

One of the most remarkable of Alsace grape varieties which combines a full-bodied, heady but dry fruitiness.
Its generous personality and its hint of smokiness make it the perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of gastronomic dishes.

Pair with : terrines, fish in sauce, smoked or raw, white meats, veal sweetbreads, mushrooms, well-seasoned and aromatic dishes, Asian cuisine…

Availability : 2013 vintage is available now at the tasting room (Soon 2014).

Ageing potential : 5 to 10 years


Gewurztraminer « Réserve »

This wine, the result of rigorous grape selection, is only produced in the best years and improves with age.

The Réserve Gewurztraminer’s spiciness makes it a perfect match for spicy dishes, oriental or Asian cuisine, strong cheeses, and fruit-based desserts.

Availability : Tasting room: 2007 vintage is available now.

Ageing potential : 5 to 10 years


Pinot Noir « Réserve »

Pierre Trimbach produces two Pinot-Noirs, neither of which are not matured in barrel, to ensure the grapes’ fruitiness is preserved.

The “Reserve” Pinot-Noir develops red fruit aromas and is supple, fruity and fresh on the palate..

Pair with : meats, smoked meats, pork, poultry, some cheeses…

Availability :  Available now: the 2014 Pinot Noir “Reserve”.

Ageing potential: 3 to 5 years


Pinot Noir « Réserve » “Cuve 7″

The “Réserve” “Cuve 7” Pinot Noir owes its name to the number of the tank in which it was first produced.

In the USA, you can find this wine under the name “Reserve Personnelle”.

It comes from our best vines, notably from the Rotenberg vineyard in Ribeauvillé and is only produced in the very best years.

More complete and structured, this exceptional Pinot-Noir is expressed through fabulous aromas of red fruits, redcurrants and blackberries.

Pair with : pork, red meats, duck, heartystews, some cheeses…

Available :  the 2014 vintage

Ageing potential : 5 to 10 years